Frequently Asked Questions


  • No! You do not need to have an account on JobInn to view Job listings on JobInn. However, you need JobInn Candidate account to apply for listed jobs.
  • By creating an account using the Employer Tab, you will be able to create Employer profile, and manage employer related activities including posting, editing, or deleting job posts and view candidates’ profile.
  • JobInn is happy to advertise your job posting as ‘Featured Jobs’ at an affordable fee. From your profile, select "Post a New Job" then select the "Feature this Job" option.
  • Employer Profile is made available for public view. Employers can also view profile of specific Job Seeker(s) who have applied to their organization.
  • Though you strongly about your job readiness, some factors may indicate otherwise! Self-Assessment evaluation is designed to assist you to determine your eligibility to work in Canada, using the Canadian Language Benchmarks, and essential immigration requirements.
  • No. Positive feedback from Self-Assessment evaluation does not automatically guarantee a job! You will have to proceed to creating an account, apply for position of interest. Candidate recruitment and selection rests with individual employer.
  • Yes. You can update your resume and cover letter from your profile. Changes made to your document(s) will automatically reflect on your file at the Employer’s portal – if you already applied for a particular position. (Please Note: Changes, and automatic updates apply only to electronic copies of documents)
  • JobInn is committed to protecting your privacy. If you provide us your personal information, it will only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected or, in limited circumstances, in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • JobInn is not obligated to screen anyJob Listing. We cannot confirm the accuracy or completeness of any JobListing or other information submitted by any employer or other user, includingthe identity of such employer, or other user. Please read JobInn Terms ofUse and Service for more information.

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